All you need to know about modern dining room

Modern kitchen design

A stylish and modern kitchen is the dream of most housewives. If you can not decide among the styles of kitchen design, pay attention to the kitchens in the modern style - this is a win-win option for the interior, which will reflect the presence of an excellent taste in the owner of the house or apartment.

Modern dining room

In this style of interior every detail is carefully thought out, there is no place for decorative baubles and superfluous things, massive furniture or pretentious elements. Maximum comfort and functionality - this is the motto of this design style, so its popularity in the kitchen decoration does not cause any surprise. Photos of such projects are simply mesmerized by the purity of the lines, where the white and shiny surface and light shades predominate


Curved shapes, round and smooth, smoothed out corner and oval niches, while the facades of kitchen sets seem to be pressed inside.

Dining tables are often replaced by a bar counter.

Facades are covered with acrylic, varnish, translucent enamel or PVC film (they can be made even from solid wood).

Monochrome colors in the interior, used white finish and light colors in the decoration.

Brilliant smooth surfaces and the predominance of glass, plastic and metal.

Kitchen sets are made of MDF or solid wood and decorated with plastic details or bronze.

Color palette

It is best to choose the right shade of furniture and a kitchen set from the photo of finished projects from design studios or from images in catalogs if you want to buy a ready-made version. It is allowed to use bright colors of kitchen facades or countertops. The main thing is that everything should be in moderation.

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